Welcome to the Creative Universal Minecraft Server web portal. Creative universal is a 100% Free Minecraft server dedicated to maintaining a fun family environment. We have all the same functionality as most for-pay Creative Minecraft Servers. We're always running the latest SpigotMC Server versions. Whether you enjoy hanging out in a family like atmosphere, or your parents don't want to pay for a Minecraft rank you should check us out.

We have some of the best features for free:

  • Citizen Rank for Free
  • World Edit
  • AsyncWorldEdit Premium
  • Fireworks Creator Premium
  • Heads - over 2050+ heads for your builds.
  • Armor Stand Tools
  • MarriageMaster
  • GriefPrevention (Survival Claims)
  • Paintball Ultimate (Premium)
  • PlotSquared. Have the ability to merge plots into mega-plots!
  • StairChairs (Sit on Stairs)
  • Essentials (warp, warp-signs, and so much more)
  • ShopChests - Create Shops With Ease!

We were established just over a year ago and have almost no running expenses so we'll be around for a long time!

Point your MC Client to play.creativeuniversal.net today!

Once there issue the command /hookmeup to get all the free perks!

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Below : The Keep

Below: One of several hidden rooms in the server hub.

Above: The Server Hub, Built by GrumblyOldBear