NOTICE: August 29, 2016:

Ok everything is going to schedule and we should have full restoration of services no later than close of business Thursday, September 1st Eastern Standard Time!

Welcome to the Creative Universal Minecraft Server web portal. Creative universal is a 100% Free Minecraft server dedicated to maintaining a fun family environment. We have all the same functionality as most for-pay Creative Minecraft Servers. We're always running the latest SpigotMC Server versions. Whether you enjoy hanging out in a family like atmosphere, or your parents don't want to pay for a Minecraft rank you should check us out.

We have some of the best features for free:

  • Wizard Rank for Free
  • World Edit
  • AsyncWorldEdit Premium
  • Armor Stand Tools
  • Color Chat
  • PlotSquared. Have the ability to merge plots into mega-plots!
  • StairChairs (Sit on Stairs)
  • Essentials (warp, warp-signs, and so much more)

We were established just over a year ago and have almost no running expenses so we'll be around for a long time!

Point your MC Client to today!

Once there issue the command /hookmeup to get all the free perks!

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Below : The Keep

Below: One of several hidden rooms in the server hub.

Above: The Server Hub, Built by GrumblyOldBear