The time has come for me to post some staff rules. Some people have been getting away with a lot of stuff lately, and this is one thing that results in people never coming back to the server. The Staff needs to set an example, and they need to actually care about the server and care about being the best staff they can. If you feel you are not up to this task let me know now, I was gracefully put you in the MVP Group.

  • No profanity of any kind. You are here to set an example. There will be no excuses accepted, it's not acceptable to say it gets blocked.
  • No Teleporting ANYONE with out their permission, unless it is specifically to separate two people.
  • Absolutely no arguing in chat with one another. If you have a disagreement with someone keep it out of the chat. Who wants to go to a server where the staff is fighting and arguing with one another.
    That sends a horrific message, what chance do I have to getting along here when the staff can't even do it.
  • No abusing /BROADCAST, this is for sending server announcements ONLY! It is not here for your enjoyment, entertainment, or roleplaying.
  • No disrespecting this server. I put a lot of time, effort, and my own money into this server. If you say bad things about my server out of anger you will be demoted.
  •  If a player swears then the chat plugin will block it, the only time you need to interact with them for this is if they are intentionally bypassing the swear plugin, for example replacing A with @ or I with ! and so on. If they want to look stupid by having half of their chat replaced with asterisks (*) so be it.
  • No ridiculing people for any reason.
  • Reports go into the Incidents Forum with screenshots, this includes staff violations. See someone breaking he rules then report it and help me make the server even better.
  • If you dislike someone, this is not an excuse to follow them around and harass them, citing rules. There will be people you do not like who follow the rules. Leave them be.
  • You don't need to interact with people who get kicked for cheating. The plugin will kick them, that's their punishment. If they want to spend most of their day re-logging it just makes them look foolish.

 There are two ways to become demoted from staff positions:

  1. Infrequent Player on the Server.
  2. Breaking the Staff Rules.

   If you've been demoted because lack of time, you can get promoted again once you have more time on the server. There are so many people who would like a fair shot at being staff that its sometimes necessary to demote people who spend little time in favor of giving someone who has more time a shot.

  Not following the staff rules will result in your demotion. I don't like having to demote anyone, it's not a happy moment. So please follow these rules. If you're demoted because of rule violations it may be possible to get promoted again, but it's going to be a very long and hard journey of rebuilding my trust in you before that happens. There are no time limits as to how long this will take.

As of today, October 30 2016, I will enforce these rules with no exception. If you see a staff member violating these rules get screenshots and report it. There are a lot of people waiting to do the best they can as staff.