These rules are necessary to a good community, much of what you read here I consider to be simple courtesy or just a matter of common sense. Having said that, after running this server for roughly a year it's a shocking reality that they MUST be posted because, well quickly frankly some of you out there are terrible ambassadors to your families.

  • Above all, respect the Moderators and Administrators.
  • No griefing. No Trolling. 
  • Build a lag machine and see how fast you get banned here! No Lag machines of any kind.
    • We  will not debate over the merits of what we consider a lag machine.
  • No profanity will be tolerated.
  • No Terroristic Imagery or Messages
  • No racial or religious intolerance.
  • Respect peoples wishes, back off when asked.
  • No bombing the chat with fights or arguments.
  • No nude or obscene builds will be tolerated.
  • No name calling of any kind.

So in the past I have been kinda vague on the definition of some "questionable" bad words, so let me define them here...

  • "Hell".... well in both the philosophical sense as well as religious it is a widely accepted topic of debate.
    I can't necessarily consider this cussing though typically you should make a better choice of words.
  • "damn"... much the same as hell.
  • "Jesus Christ"... Since this is typically offensive to Christians you should avoid it. But then again so should you realize that to some a cow is sacred, so not everyone may want to hear about your last burger...... seriously.  Have respect Mon.
  • "Bitch" While technically the definition is a female member of the canine species (dog), it is generally not tolerated here since its only other use is as an insult.
  • Profanity in another language is still profanity. 

This is a free server, and I don't ask for donations. If you are abusive or irritate other users and we get flooded with complaints as a result of your actions we will simply add you to the permanent ban list, and we won't look back. We're looking for a fun family atmosphere where people can trust one another and just have fun.

Wow that's pretty strict, so what's so good about it ?

  • Latest Minecraft Version 1.10.2
  • World Edit
  • Armor Stand Tools
  • PlotSquared Plots, for over a year!
  • AsyncWorldEdit Premium.
  • Heads Premium -> over 2050 heads for your building pleasure.
  • Firework Creator Premium
  • Ultimate Paintball Premium
  • ColorChat
  • Nicknames
  • Essentials
  • GriefPevention (Survival Claims)
  • People who don't suck as friends.

Jailed, Demoted and Muted. Typical punishment for disobeying rules.

Dang Grumbly! Why you gotta' do me like that?