I get a lot of questions e-mailed to me so I thought I would take a minute and respond to the most common ones. In no specific order.



Q: Why is this server free ?

A: Initially I set up this server for my two children, so they could have a safe and free place to build with their friends, naturally it needed to have all the cool features that the mainstream servers had too. I eventually decided that I like to build in Minecraft, enjoy running the server, and get an environment to test my MC plugins at the same time....so...we advertised the server.


Q: Is there a foreseeable end in sight for Creative Universal ? 

A: No, I simply enjoy running the server too much and with no operating costs there's no chance I will shut the server down. I enjoy the server all by myself, if there are additional people playing its a perk. So, even if no one played on the server for 6 months it would still be here all lonely running.


Q: Why are there so many staff members and so few players ?

A: I've never really advertised the server except on 2-3 sites. There are so many new and updated advertisements for servers that advertisements are almost ineffective 2 days from posting because they fall so far away from the first few pages of searches with in a week.


Q: How many unique visitors has the server had ?

A: There have been 398 Unique visitors to this server, currently there are about 10-14 users that frequent the server every day.

Q: Do you intend to do more Advertising ?

A: Yes. I plan on doing a lot of advertising over the course of the next several months. Including a trailer and videos on YouTube.

Q: If you get enough members on this server will you eventually start to charge people for ranks or accept donations and have donator ranks ?

A: No, the would go against the whole notion of providing a free server for those smart enough to take advantage of it.

Q: Do I have to sign up for the web-site and register in order to be able to play on your server ?

A: No, all you have to do is point your MC client to play.creativeuniversal.net