We now have ShopChests running on the server, which makes it possible for you to create a shop and sell items to other players. There are a few simple requirements that you need to consider, which is why I am releasing this article.

Some Requirements:

  • You can not create a shop with-in 18 blocks of a server spawn, Spawn protection will prevent them from functioning properly
  • You should create a shop only on claimed land, or people can destroy the land around it.
  • You should not create it on your main claim, because you have to give people access to the chest. If you do this on your main claim they will have access to all chests on that claim.
  • If you already have a large plot, you should create a subdivision (claim with-in a claim) by following these steps:
    • while holding a golden shovel enter the command /subdevideclaim.
    • Mark two corners to represent the claimed area. If successful the sub-claim will be highlight in white wool.


  1. Create a claim for your shop, or create a subdivision in your existing claim.
  2. Place a chest in the claim, and place the items you want to sell inside it.
  3. WHILE STANDING INSIDE the claim/subdivision created for your store issue the command:
    /containertrust public
  4. While holding the item you wish to sell type the following:
  5. Touch the Chest as instructed after issuing the command.

The quantity represents how many of the item(s) the user gets for the asking price.

WARNING: if you issue the /containertrust public command while not standing on a claim then you will  be granting chest, door, switch, container, and button access to ALL OF YOUR CLAIMS. so be very careful with this command!